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about us

Pave Your Business Track

image_3Giant Whim Australia focuses on sourcing, designing, building and sustaining any business and investment opportunities in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Australia!

Our professional consulting team comprises of qualified accountants, lawyers, architects, bankers, marketing agents, immigration consultants and financial consultants.

The services provided include business modeling, strategic planning, investment management and enterprise mergers and acquisitions.


Business Modeling

Expert team members of Giant Whim Australia provide professional advice in designing business framework and roadmap for clients, aims at creating, delivering and capturing values for your potential concept.




Strategic Planning
Giant Whim Australia dedicates to provide assistance in implementing business strategies upon client’s vision and mission to achieve the designed business model. Giant Whim Australia would optimize client’s business plan upon PESTEL analysis, which considers Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors.



service-icon-3Investment Management
Giant Whim Australia provides intimate advisory services for client’s investments in the globe. The professional crew performs analysis and review on the industry trend and market needs, and offers fully customized counsel on resources allocation for client’s investments.



service-icon-4Mergers & Acquisitions
Giant Whim Australia provides advice on restructuring to achieve leverage effect on the economic value of client’s business. To improve financial performance and extend the competitiveness of client’s business, Whim seeks for opportunities to create economy of scale and synergy effect brought by mergers and acquisitions.