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Business Valuation & Audit Assurance

"Whim Australia" is certified CPA firm with Public Practice Certificate issued by CPA Australia

  • Business Valuation
  • Audit assurance
  • Due Diligence
  • Migration Audit
  • Franchising arrangement
  • Business services

With the mixture of a stable political and economic environment; rich in natural resources; high living standard; excellent geographic location, situated at the key position of Asia Pacific; and a favorable time zone to Mainland China and Hong Kong, Australia is definitely the best choice for business, investment and migration!

WHIM us now managing below projects in Australia!

  • Property Development
  • Investment in Agricultural, Manufacturing and Production Business
  • Retail Business and Professional Services
  • Business Migration

Property Development


Site Development

In view of the saturated and limited investment path in PRC and Hong Kong property markets, WHIM always seeks for high return overseas investment projects. The most popular project is the site redevelopment in Australia!
Investment Advantages:

  • Suitable for investors with high level of investment.
  • Brand new model for property investment.
  • High return of at least 40%.
  • Detail analysis to master the expected return.

WHIM’s Role:

  • Provision of professional one-stop services, included sourcing of the best site according to the investment budget; managing property development with developer partners; and collaborating with property sales agents and various local banks in Australia, to facilitate the fund raising and property sale processes.
  • A team mix of Architects, Accountants and Project Managers, together with over 10-year experience of managing over 100 projects, WHIM is expert in cost control to maximize investor’s return.

Investors may be eligible to apply for immigration to Australia via below visa if requirements complied:


The Australia real estate market maintains a continuous upward trend throughout the past fifteen years, which is a perfect market for property speculation!
Investment Advantages:

  • Suitable for flexible investment plans.
  • Stable investment return.

WHIM’s Role:

  • Sort out high-potential properties ready in the market.
  • Detail analysis in terms of rental return and district transactions.
  • Provision of advisory services on tax and documentary issues.
Hotel and Infrastructure Projects

According to the official statistics, the supply of hotel rooms in Queensland (Gold Coast and Brisbane) has been unable to meet the continuously growing demand in recent years.

As Gold Coast would be the host city of Commonwealth Games 2018, the city is actively raising funds for numerous infrastructure projects, including redevelopment of hotels and other relevant tourism facilities in the “Surfers Paradise” district.
Investment Advantages:

  • Suitable for high level of investment.
  • Favorable for investors with experience on hotel and resort development and infrastructure projects.
  • Enjoy long term investment return.

WHIM’s Role:

  • Collaborate with Australian Government commissioners
  • Coordinate with project managers and provide detail feasibility reports and investment analysis

Investors may be eligible to apply for immigration to Australia via below visa if requirements complied :


Business Development

Investment in Agricultural, Manufacturing and Production Businesses

Australia enjoys plenty of natural resources, with high-quality agricultural, dairy, winery, wool, fishery industries and other processed products share a major part in the global market.

The Australian Government has been promoting non-mining business development for those sectors in recent years. Accordingly, some Chinese investors have already invested in local farms, factories and wool production lines as long term investment.
Investment Advantages:

  • Expand the business to the global market.
  • Manufacture “Made in Australia” products to develop an Australian brand for image upgrading.

WHIM’s Role:

  • Sourcing high-potential business opportunities.
  • Design and establish roadmaps for business set up, factory building and production line alignment.
  • License registration and provision of marketing strategies.

Investors may be eligible to apply for immigration to Australia via below visa if requirements complied:


Retail Business and Professional Services

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The extensive purchasing power from the local Asian group has driven up the Australia’s retail market over the past 10 years. Numbers of chain restaurants and retail stores are set up there.
In current year, WHIM brought a Hong Kong based retail business, MyBB Store, to Australia.

WHIM also provides one-stop overseas company establishment if investor possess any professional qualifications and management skill in different aspects.
Investment Advantages:

  • Suitable for small to medium sized investors.
  • Excellent for investors intended to stay in Australia for a certain period.

WHIM’s Role:

  • Source and recommend business.
  • Provision of one-stop services, including company incorporation, procurement, business flow design, staff training, shop design and renovation, sales and marketing and commercial regulations compliance.

Investors may be eligible to apply for immigration to Australia via below visa if requirements complied:

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Business Migration

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Being blessed with mild climate, favorable time zone with Asia, rich natural resources, beautiful landscapes, Australia’s major cities have been top-ranked in the Global Livability Survey for years. Hence, investors would always consider applying Business Migration when diversifying their investments in Australia!
Business Migration is facilitated by WHIM via various kinds of investment in Australia:

  • Partnership with experienced Immigration Consultants.
  • Flexible investment plan according to the immigration needs.
  • Provision of latest immigration information.
  • Feasibility analysis on each investment plan for immigration.
  • Immigration to Australia and Hong Kong S.A.R.